Responsible Gambling

1.0 The promotion of socially responsible gambling

1.1 Information on how to gamble responsibly and help for problem gamblers

ToGoal GmbH and is committed to ensuring that information about responsible gambling and accessing information and help in respect of problem gambling is readily available to all. We do not wish to restrict the choices or opportunities for anyone to operate or engage in gambling that are available legally and operated responsibly, but do strive to develop strategies that will:

a) Improve understanding of the social impact of gambling
b) Promote a responsible approach to gambling
c) Address the needs of those adversely affected by a gambling dependency.

TopGoal and will ensure that all staff associated with the gambling business are made aware that advice is available to customers regarding socially responsible gambling and gambling dependency.

1.2 Customer account information

Customer account information (player id and transactions) will be available for administration purposes, such that customer play and spending history can be monitored in order to enable us to easily identify potential problem gamblers.

TopGoal will ensure that procedures are implemented to identify separate accounts, for example, multiple Remote-Pool betting entries held by the same individual, such that a customer may only hold one account.

1.3 Automated checks

Checks will be initiated on a weekly basis for administration purposes, such that a customer interaction can be triggered in the event that any existing customer is discovered to hold more than an acceptable number of entries per set of games.

2.0 Ensuring that children and other vulnerable people will be protected from being harmed or exploited by gambling

2.1 Children

2.1.1 Customers must be over 18 years of age to register or to place a bet on our website and it is an offence for anyone under the age of 18 to place a bet or register, in an attempt to place a bet.

2.1.2 TopGoal has procedures in place to minimise the risk of underage customers placing bets. If we have any doubt about the legality of any customer attempting to register or place bets, we will conduct further age verification checks and may require documentary evidence to confirm the age of the applicant. During this period of age verification, no winnings will be paid to any customer.

2.1.3 If age verification has not been satisfactorily completed within 72 hours of the application to register, and gamble with deposited funds, the following will apply;

a) The account will be frozen
b) No further gambling will be permitted until age verification has been successfully completed and;
c) If on completion of age verification, the customer is shown to be underage all bets will be returned to the customer that are not attributed to a credit card, and no winnings paid to any account holder under the age of 18
d) If winnings were paid, all reasonable attempts to recover them will be made

2.1.4 Random compliance checks for underage gambling will be conducted on customers where the account uses a credit card.

2.1.5 TopGoal will ensure that the rules and any marketing and promotional literature adequately and effectively advertise the minimum legal age limit.

2.1.6 TopGoal will review on an annual basis the methodology adopted in order to satisfactorily establish whether or not a potential or actual customer is over 18 years of age within its operations and will implement all reasonable improvements that may become available as technology advances and as information improves.

2.2 Suspected problem gamblers

In the event that an application to participate in the TopGoal website and products and services is received from a suspected problem gambler:

a) The customer will be tactfully referred to gambling support services such as
b) The customer's details will be logged for the purpose of possible exclusion from future participation in any TopGoal products, should any similar incidents reoccur.

In the event that an existing customer is suspected of becoming a problem gambler:

a) Any requests to participate on the TopGoal Websites will be tactfully refused
b) The customer will be tactfully referred to gambling support services
c) The customer's details will be logged for the purposes of exclusion from future participation on the TopGoal Websites
d) All written and verbal communications between staff and the suspected problem gambler should be monitored and approved by the appropriate manager

2.3 Self-Exclusion from Gambling

Customers will be given the opportunity to self-exclude either by telephone, Email or in writing. Suppressions will be added to those contact's records on the TopGoal Websites thus preventing any involvement in the TopGoal Websites.

TopGoal will ensure that self-excluders from gambling:

a) are given the opportunity either to self-exclude immediately without any cooling off period or to consider self-exclusion further, for example, in order to discuss with problem gambling groups such as GamCare;
b) are removed from any gambling related marketing campaigns that have not passed the final lasering of address details stage within two days of receiving the completed self-exclusion notification;
c) are excluded from all future gambling related activity or marketing of gambling related products;
d) will not receive any future gambling related marketing materials, unless after the minimum period of six months has expired, the customer has taken proven positive action in order to gamble responsibly again and has specifically agreed to accept such materials;
e) are given a one day cooling off period before being allowed to begin gambling again, but only in the event that they choose not to renew the self-exclusion and make a positive request to begin gambling again, either by telephone, Email or in writing.

In the event that an application to participate on the TopGoal Websites is received from a person who has previously advised TopGoal that they have excluded themselves from participating in gambling:

a) The application will be rejected and the prospective customer will be advised in writing of the reasons for the rejection and tactfully referred to GamCare; and
b) All written and verbal communication between staff and the self-excluder will be monitored and approved by the appropriate manager.

Customers are able to control the amount of money they are able to deposit during a daily or weekly time period by setting deposit Limits on their account. See ‘Self Limits’ in My Profile to control your own limits. On request, TopGoal will close any account(s) for a cooling off period of 7 days or a minimum period of 6 months during which time it will not be possible for the account(s) to be re-opened for any reason. Players can also elect to have themselves excluded permanently from the TopGoal Websites. See ‘Self Limits’ and ‘Self-control / Cooling off’ in your profile page.

2.4 Other vulnerable people

TopGoal is committed to ensuring that its betting and gambling products are not knowingly offered to other vulnerable people such as someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or someone who is incoherent, or suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease etc. TopGoal will try and detect whether a person's vulnerability becomes evident, such that the customer's account can be cancelled and any gambling related future communications can be terminated.

2.5 Preventing Access to our Gaming Site

TopGoal understands that some people may wish to prevent any form of access to our online gaming site.

A number of products exist in the marketplace, that allow the owner of a computer to block access to certain web sites. We have listed some of the major products below. Should you require further help with preventing access to our site please contact us at

Netgenie -
Browsecontrol -
Netnanny -
K9 -
Webcurfew -

2.6 Staff Training

Our customer service staff receive awareness training on problem gambling issues. We aim to be a responsible and fair partner for your game and to look after you with the best quality service.

Our team is always at your disposal for questions about responsible gambling. Please contact our customer service at

Villach, 28th October 2016